April 9, 2011
I'm not expressing any opinions on the subject of Feminism with this post, so my usual message about reading the About Me page didn't seem needed.  However, if you're just DYING to read it anyway, you can click here.

I was watching a video news article on Yahoo! the other day, about getting the Kindle Reader for your pc, if you didn't own a Kindle, but wanted to take advantage of reading books available at Amazon for the Kindle.  I happened to check into the free books they had to offer, which was a very minimal listing.  Then I scrolled down the page, and found a few links for other sites that offered free books.  I checked out the first one, which was called Internet Archive, and it's got some nice stuff on there, and I'm sure it's a great service.  The one that really won over my heart, though, was Open Library.

I adore reading books, though most of my life I've chosen to stick to fiction.  However, since my endeavor to get to the roots of femininity and feminism, I've chosen to add more non-fiction to my habit.  What I truly love about this site, is that while you can download any book as a text document in various forms to read, you can also click a link for each book that says Read It Online.  I just happened to click that for one of the books I had selected, and when it loaded up, it was the actual book.  These people have taken the time to actually scan the pages of these books and make them available for you to read.  I love the way a book looks when you hold it, and how the pages look with the text printed on them.  Well, at this site, you really can read the 'books', and not just a text document.  Just remember that when you're doing your search, don't forget to check the box underneath the search bar that says 'only show ebooks'.  I just wanted to share this with all of you, because it's always nice to share a gift that you've received with others.

That is all for now, my lovelies.
April 6, 2011
I encourage you to read my About Me page prior to reading any post on my blog.  I find it's important to know who is writing here, so that you can understand her point of view a bit more clearly.

When I went to my public library, I got three books on feminism, two about The Suffragist Movement (since this is where the feminist movement truly started), and one that entails 'the positive woman vs. the femlib fanatics'.  While I was there, I remembered a book that had caught my eye when I was waiting to use one of their internet computers.  This book is called The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle.  It's a book that is self-described as:
"a practical guide to finding intimacy, passion and peace with a man."
and described by John Gray (author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) as:
"a practical and valuable tool for women wanting to regain intimacy in their relationships."
At the beginning of Chapter 13 in her book, Laura quotes Francis Picabia who said:
"Nature is unfair?  So much the better, inequality is the only bearable thing.  The monotony of equality can only lead us to boredom."
She then adds this in her own words:
"Instead of throwing out traditional gender roles, try them on again.  There may be some value in them that you would like to reclaim.  They can help you feel protected and feminine, and therefore more intimate.
Practice 'changing your hat' when you leave work.  A surrendered wife can be a force to be reckoned with at work and a soft, gentle woman in marriage, as long as she surrenders when she comes home."
I started this blog, because I firmly believe that there is middle ground in the area of feminism.  One extreme being that time before the suffragists like Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard, and Alice Paul decided to dedicate their lives at the cost of their personal lives to fight for women's rights.  The other extreme being the emasculation of men, and the insane desire for extreminists to be more like men than women in every single area.  The middle ground is what Laura Doyle is advocating in her book.

On a person note, while I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've read in Laura's book thus far, and find myself nodding in sincere agreement to many of the things she says, I'd like to put my own little spin on it, because that's what my blog is really all about, now isn't it?  I'm nothing if not absolutely honest in my agenda here.

I am a submissive woman, and I am submissive to my Sir, because of the overwhelming love I have for him.  I live every single day of my life knowing exactly what my value is to my Sir, and being unshakably confident in the width, depth, and height of the love he feels for me.  Laura has this quiz in the front of her book to determine the level of intimacy currently in your marriage.  There are 20 questions about things that you do in your marriage, to which you choose Rarely, Sometimes or Frequently.  For an answer of Rarely, you gave yourself 5 points, Sometimes was worth 3 points, and Frequently was worth 1 point, so your total would be anywhere between 20 and 100.  I answered all but one question with Rarely (only because she didn't include the option of Never), save for one.  This question asked me if I do things for him that he's capable of doing for himself.  My response was Frequently, which resulted in me scoring 96 points instead of 100.  I answered this question in all honesty, because I do many things for my Sir that he's quite capable of doing for himself.  The reason that I do this, isn't because I'm trying to send him a message that I don't think he can do those things.  On the contrary.  Sir knows what his limitations are, and is quite honest about them.  So while I do a great many things he can do himself, it's because he believes that I always do a much better job at these things, and that is an area of pride for me.  I love doing those things for him, because I love him, and because of the great confidence he's instilled in me to be able to do these things better than he can.  He doesn't at all feel emasculated by the fact that I'll refill his drink if he's busy, make him something to eat because he doesn't have the time to do it himself, or take off his boots when he gets home after a hard day at work.  He cherishes the spirit in which I do these things for him.  It is because of my spirit that he continues to love me, and there is absolutely no lack of intimacy in our relationship.

That is all for now, my lovelies.
March 26, 2011
I encourage you to read my About Me page prior to reading any post on my blog.  I find it's important to know who is writing here, so that you can understand her point of view a bit more clearly.

I'm on a quest, my lovelies, to do some research at the public library.  I want to be able to present as many facets of femininity and feminism as I possibly can.  I find that the public library, as outdated as you might want to think it is, due to the internet, to still be a treasure trove of information and knowledge.  It's the only free education you can get past high school.  If you don't know where your local public library is, you can do a search for one right here.

You see, there are two main categories of femininity and masculinity: standard and philosophy.  The standard category are those things which as a whole human society, we've agreed are the definitive standards that outlines the basic precepts.  The philosophy category are the areas where human society hasn't been able to come to an agreement on.  This is where, as far as femininity goes, you really tread into the waters of feminism.  There was a huge storm of feminism that started around the mid 1800's here in the United States, and it has come in various waves.  As I learn more about this, I'll post about each wave in more depth.  It is my opinion, that what started out on the right foot, has severely veered off course.

At any rate, I just wanted you to know that I might not post for a while, but as I read, I may find something that sparks my fervor to say everything I'm wanting to say throughout the course of this blog.

That is all for now, my lovelies.
March 17, 2011
I encourage you to read my About Me page prior to reading any post on my blog.  I find it's important to know who is writing here, so that you can understand her point of view a bit more clearly.

Now, let's get this ball rolling, shall we?  I was reading the other day a perspective of a woman, who suggested that femininity is a cage that was invented for the fairer sex by patriarchal society.  This perspective really saddens me, because there really is one true basis for femininity and masculinity, and that is biology.  This biology isn't a cage, but it is a natural force that we simply cannot change.  The biological definition of femininity is 'those qualities specific to a female that attracts males to them, so that mating and procreation can occur'.  The biological definition of masculinity is 'those qualities specific to a male that attracts females to them, so that mating and procreation can occur'.

Basically, if you, as a female, aren't attracting males, then perhaps you need to adjust some things about yourself, so that you might.  Quite conversely, if a male isn't attracting females, they need to adjust some things about themselves, so that they might.  Granted, there are in each individual variances on what makes someone attractive to them, but on a very biological level, these things do not change.

A male wants an attractive, intelligent, female with a pleasant disposition, because it ensures that she can take proper care of his offspring, and his home, and not be an embarrassment to him.  A female wants a strong, intelligent, and financially stable male, because it ensures that he can provide for the needs and safety of her offspring, the home, and someone she wouldn't be ashamed to be paired with.

What makes a woman attractive to a man?  This truly does vary from man to man, but I'd have to say one of the most attractive features a woman can have, in his eyes, is a pleasant disposition.  To all you women out there who are angry, like to yell and argue, want to always be the one with the last word, you may as well hang up your brassiere, and call it a day.  This will not attract a man to you, and it certainly won't keep one near you if he discovers these traits only after you've been together for a while.  This doesn't mean that a man finds a woman who is intelligent, and can speak her mind rationally, to be unattractive.  It simply means he doesn't want to be around a shrill obnoxious tart.  Quite simply, if you can't behave like an adult, don't expect any adult to want you.  This applies to both sexes.

Anything outside of the basic biological constructs of femininity and masculinity are not set in stone, and become less of a standard, and more a philosophy.  Some of these various philosophies are things we will cover at some other time.

That is all for now, my lovelies.
March 10, 2011
I encourage you to read my About Me page prior to reading any post on my blog.  I find it's important to know who is writing here, so that you can understand her point of view a bit more clearly.

I suppose my tagline under my title begs the question, "Sophronia, how should feminism be?"

Do I think women ought to have the right to vote; Absolutely.
Do I think women ought to be paid equally for equal work; Naturally.
Do I think women ought to be respected for their educated opinions; Of Course.
Do I think women ought to believe they are equal with men in all ways; No.

The fact of the matter is that there will always be areas in which males and females will never be alike, and ought not to be alike.

Let me say something here that the extreminists aren't going to like.  All rights that women have, were given to them by men.  This world is run by men, and regardless of the opinion that we ladies might have about where it's gotten us, it will always be run by men.  But if this world wasn't run by males, then we females would lose a great deal of those unique qualities that make us females.

If men weren't out waging war, growing the crops, hunting the animals, then women wouldn't have the opportunities to be the nurturers that we're so geared to be.  If men weren't the physically stronger of the two sexes, then who would we depend on to ensure not only our survival and safety, but the survival and safety of our children?  Before you extreminists get your boxers in a bunch, ask yourself this key question.  If you're so hot to trot to ensure your own safety, why aren't you the one getting out of the bed with a baseball bat in the middle of the night when you hear a strange noise?  If you're not the one getting out of bed, please sit down, and do try to ignore that vein that's wildly pulsating in your neck about now.

I fear this dark place that extreme feminism is leading us to.  I fear for our young girls, because they're not being shown the proper ways to behave, and they're not being given the boundaries they ought to have.  But truthfully, neither are young boys.  There's a disturbing trend that is sweeping the female gender across the world, and that is selfishness.  Some of these unfortunate children were raised by extreminists, who were too busy fighting for their rights as they saw fit, and not teaching their children what their children needed to know, to be productive members of society.  This left these children to their own devices, and gave them a large inward focus, which leads to selfishness.  There is this mentality to young women that because they have a vagina, they ought to be making the rules.  There's a mentality that the world owes them something, if for no other reason than they have a vagina.

What awaits these young girls is a life of heartache and loneliness.  The more selfish they are, the more they will be rejected by people who are searching for a meaningful relationship.  The more selfish they are, the more they're going to wind up with males who will not treat them right, because what male wants to treat a selfish female well?

It seems to me that most extreminists suffer from severe penis envy.  This is such a shame, because there is so much that is beautiful and amazing about being a woman.  These differences that we have from men ought to be celebrated, not pushed to the side and thought of as being undesirable.  We've lost a great sisterhood in this generation.  We used to cherish each other, help each other, be close confidants.  Now all we are to each other is the competition, and the enemy.  Shame on us for losing this great gift.

Feminism ought to be about being strong, educated, respected and respectable, but still being feminine.  We still need to be nurturers, care-givers, mothers, wives, friends and sisters.  Feminism shouldn't be about trying to be like men, because if we were meant to be like men, we'd be men, not women.  I wish to exhort each and every female out there to figure out what it is to be a woman, and embrace it.  I'm not asking women to try and take some big step backward, I'm just asking them to perform a reality check.  You're a woman, and being a woman is a beautiful and amazing thing.  You don't need to behave like a man to get what you want in life, or to get respected.

That is all for now, my lovelies.

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